Addicted To The Voice: Exhibit C

Mondays aren’t so bad around here these days. Why? Because new episodes of The Voice UK are available online. So, this Monday I was minding my business, watching the latest episode at work. Then THIS ¬†happened:

I was stuck. I was just minding my business, sipping my mango tea and doing the morning report. Lil Miss Leah walked on that stage and handed me all of my life. I didn’t even know it was lost! Lawd! I seriously did no work for 5 good minutes. I was in awe. Love This Show!!

The Voice: I’m Addicted

They say that the first step to recovery is to admit that you have a problem. I am standing in this imaginary The Voice Addicts Anonymous group and saying it loud and proud. My name is my name and I have a problem. A really real problem. I am obsessed with the genius that is The Voice. I discovered the show along with the rest of America four seasons ago and immediately fell in love. Back then, I watched and voted just like any normal fan. This was before that fateful day when I read about plans for The Voice UK. All downhill from there. I found streams of the show online and that was all she wrote. I knew the schedule, yes for the UK, and knew exactly when new episodes would be available for my online viewing pleasure. As if there wasn’t enough for me to watch, Australia decided that they had to get in on the fun. If you think that I wasn’t up on every single episode in the land down under, you haven’t been paying attention.

Yes, I have a problem. No, I do not want to solve it. There are hours and hours of amazing voices coming from people who are singing because they love to sing and want to share their gift with the world. I can hear the sincerity, even when they contestant doesn’t sound all that good. That feeling, that love that is transmitted when they open up their mouths, is amazing and addicting.
In an effort to make you understand just a little bit more, here are a few great examples.

Ryan Innes has a voice that sounds like gravy. Picture gravy sliding over a sausage biscuit. The good thick gravy; the kind that you wouldn’t mind mixing with your hash browns. Now listen to Ryan sing. His voice is gravy.


Cleopatra coming atcha!! This is the chick from the Disney group!

I’m not looking to be cured. I’m not looking for 12 steps. I’m quite fine resting comfortably in my addiction. I invite you to join me.