Just Listen (And Look): SYTYCD Season 10 Tappers

So You Think You Can Dance Season 10!!!

In the past (read: last season), I’ve posted pieces from my second favorite reality show because ¬†of what I saw. Makes sense. This video is a little different.

Never has SYTYCD had three tap dancers make it into the top 20. There’s usually one lone tap dancer, if any, who gets placed in a group dance with the other outcast dancers for the introductory live show. In a way this was always good for the tapper, because there was always a moment in the piece where they had to spotlight. Not this season. Three extremely talented tap dancers + one amazing choreographer = the best intro piece on SYTYCD this season.

LISTEN. Close your eyes. Do you hear how their feet accompany every single beat of the music. Not only are there feet riding the beat, there are feet for All of the instruments within the song. The taps aren’t just sounds on top of the music. These guys are moving with the music. Their feet enhance the sound with every single tap.

LOOK. Wheeeew!! Do you SEE THEM!! LOOK! This piece is the perfect example of tap dancers being more that just tap dancers, but plain old great dancers. The wow factor of this piece for me is how much movement there was outside of the tapping. They Get Down. The passion is written on each one of their faces. These people are on Cloud Nine on that stage. Their happiness is radiating through the video. I’m happy just writing about it. Imagine that thing that makes you joyful beyond words. Press Play. This is what that joy looks like in tap dance form.