Just Listen: Jamie Cullum Doesn’t Want The Music To Stop

I’d first like to say that Spotify is a gift from the heavens. Second, I need for my new (is it still new in week 5?) place of employment to unblock Spotify so that I can listen to full albums for free. In the meantime, my Iphone app has been treating me very well. The most recent gem was delivered on The 20/20 Experience radio.


I’ve never been a faithful listener of Jamie Cullum, but his dopeness has always been apparent. Now Riri…. I don’t like her voice. Nope. She sounds like a PMSing cat, however, she is given some pretty good songs. So I guess I’m a fan of the songwriters that she uses. I’ve never ever liked Please Don’t Stop The Music. Nah, it can end. This version is sooo dope. Keep going Jamie boo!