I Want A Job…

I want to put these on and zone out.


Is it possible to get paid to listen to music? That’s it. Sit at home and listen to music. Go to shows and listen to music. I’m not a writer, and I’m as politically incorrect and rude as they come, so I wouldn’t want to be responsible for writing reviews. I don’t want to be an A&R or any sort of head hunter because pitching artists to others is not my thing. If I like something /someone, I like them. I can’t be bothered with convincing others to like them too. I want to listen. Enjoy. Dissect for myself. Listen again with a better understanding.

Can I get paid to sit in my living room in sweats – size extra large – with my macbook hooked up to surround sound speakers; iTunes on an overflowing ‘Recently Added’ playlist, and vibe all day? Can I pick out what I love and put them on repeat? All day. I mean, I can tweet lyrics so it won’t seem like I’m getting paid for nothing. Can I receive a salary to dress up and go to all the new venues that I’ve discovered to witness all of the talent coming from my city? Can my employment package include me being front row center for my favorite artists when they stop through on tour?


Can I get paid to go somewhere like this?

Who would hire me for such a position? Seriously. I need answers. Suggestions. Someone point me in the right direction. I’ll put on my best suit and give and amazing interview. I’ll show how diverse of a musical palette I possess. I’d create charts and diagrams relating artists and songs that only I would think to connect; put together my ideal concert line-ups and set lists. I’d so so so get that job.

To sit and listen to music all day, how glorious!!

A Song For Saturday: Thizzle Dance

Hope everyone out there had a great week. I did. Thanks for asking. Today’s song isn’t inspirational. This track doesn’t make me think. It makes me happy. Last night the homie Nicole decided that at the end of our night it was a great idea to play Hyphy music on her phone. If you don’t know what Hyphy is/means, please go visit Google and come back. One of my favorite Hyphy songs is  ‘Thizzle Dance’ by Mac Dre (RIP). Peep the video. Want to learn the dance? Follow directions.

Mac Dre gets down around the 1:45 mark.


A Song For Saturday: Darling/Clear Eyes

I spent a good part of my work day yesterday listening to everything that I could find from Kids These Days. A group of Chicago highschool graduates who deviated from college to pursue music as a group. Musicians, vocalists, producers and MC Vic Mensa. These kids are dope.

I have two songs for today. The first is “Darling”, a single from the Hard Times EP. I like the concept of the video and Vic Mensa’s delivery.

The next video is for their latest offering, “Clear Eyes”. I love the lyrics, but the music is what has me hooked. Listen to that horn. This is smooth.



A Song For Saturday: Novel – We Got It Bad

I’m going to try something new. Every Saturday I’m going to post a song and/or video. Why? Because this is my blog and I can do what I want. I don’t plan on following any particular theme or scheme. I just want to post some of the songs that happen to play on a loop in my head from time to time.

First up is singer/songwriter Novel. I like this one. Enjoy!!


Soundtrack To My Life Vol. 3

The past couple of weeks haven’t allowed much room for blogging. That doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a song in my head for everything. Because when is there not a song in my head? Exactly.

Without further delay, here’s the soundtrack since my last soundtrack.

I’ve been praying a tremendous amount more than I ever have before. I’ve actually found that my handwriting is the best when I pray. This chorus has a reoccurring role on my playlist.


My friends are cool. I have one friendship in particular that I would have never imagined to grow as much as it has. Recently she’s just been there. She hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary, but I needed her none the less.


I just like this song. It’s kind of appropriate for events far past and recent. I’m hard-headed. And I’m not just referring to relationships. This song  just happen to get heavy rotation because I like the album.