Just Listen: Jonny Lang

It’s amazing how many great musicians there are in the world  who’ve never been heard by so many people. I’ve been listening to Jonny Lang for a good two weeks now, and I’m still trying to figure out how this guy put out 5 albums without me ever knowing of his existence. I’m seriously still upset about this. This man has a voice that somehow conveys every emotion. All at once. And still, the feeling that he wants you the feel when you listen to a song, oh he makes you feel it alright.

Exhibit A:

Listen. I can be stubborn, cold, hardhearted and plenty of adjectives. When I’m fed up with someone, they know it; especially a man that I’m dating. I can say with complete confidence that if any man that I’m seriously dating plays this song after a major screw up/blowout fight….. I. AM. STAYING. RIGHT. THERE. Shucks, I wanted to pull lil Jonny into my arms and whisper my forgiveness and he didn’t do me any harm. And that guitar?!! It was crying. CRYING!!! My Gosh!! An instrument begging for forgiveness? I dare you to turn that down.

Exhibit B:

Imagine: Sitting in Greater Mt. House On The Hill Missionary Baptist AME Church on the hottest of summer Sundays. It’s homecoming and you have the serious itis from the dinner in the fellowship hall after the morning service. The visiting church’s choir is getting ready for their first selection. This is the perfect opportunity to catch a little snooze on the last pew, because they’re bound to sound terrible. Just as your eyes get the good droop to ’em, you hear This:

I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture. This guy is officially at the top of my “I must experience your voice in real life” list. Yes, I just made that up.