Weird Rules That I Live By

I have not lived a day on this earth without allergies. How do I know? Formula was an issue. My parents had to test every type of baby milk known to man. So yea, I’m a walking bundle of allergies. I’m used to it, and my health has improved tremendously as I’ve gotten older, but I still have habits that most people find weird.


1. If someone in the house with me wants to cook fish, my food is cooked entirely separate. If you are eating fish, your utensil is not allowed near my plate. I don’t even want my leftovers near yours. I honestly don’t know if my fish allergy still exists, but I don’t plan on finding out because of reckless kitchen procedures. (reckless = anything that doesn’t fit into my kitchen rules)

2. I don’t cook anything with whole milk. I can eat things cooked with whole milk, but there was a time when it couldn’t even touch my skin. I’ll never have it in my fridge, and I’m convinced that skim milk makes things taste better. Very Vanilla Silk is the queen of my castle refrigerator.

3. The only bar soap that will ever have the privilege of touch my skin is Dove. Nothing else. Being the sensitive skinned delicate flower that I am, bath time has interesting since birth. Like milk, my parents had to search for cleansers that would not leave me scratching like a crackhead. Enter Dove. The best soap and body wash known to man. Not only is it affordable, but it has never failed me. I will admit, when I’m ballin, I’ll purchase a bottle of  Aveeno oatmeal body wash.

5. Like every other woman in the world, I love things that smell good. Lotions and perfumes are of abundance in my living space, but I have restrictions. Perfumed lotions can only be used when I’m going out. Not out of the house, but out on a date or on the town with friends. Perfume and body spray cannot be sprayed directly on my skin. Only on clothing unless, once again, I’m going out. Too much of a smell good thing can be detrimental.

6. Nuts + Me = DEATH. If you so much as think about touch or consuming any kind of nut – peanut, walnut, tree nut, pecan, pistachio, cashew etc – DO NOT COME NEAR ME. I don’t care how many times you wash your hands, you aren’t allowed to touch me. You can brush, floss and gargle an entire bottle of Scope. You are not allowed to kiss me for at least 24 hours. Matter of fact, just go away. All the way away.


These 6 things, may seem weird to you all, but I can guarantee that there are others out there like myself. I am also confident that everyone in the world has unique rules that they live by, so stop giving me that weird look!