Just Listen: Ryan Leslie’s Gibberish

I pride myself on having an amazing memory. I’m sad to admit that today it let me down and left me hanging. I can’t, for the life of me, remember when I realized that Ryan Leslie is a genius. All I know is that one day some years ago I heard this:

Every single piece of my life was handed to me on a silver platter.

Wait! I do remember that I was in college. I can see  myself sitting in a dorm room with this song on repeat. College is when I realized for me music wasn’t  just music. I’d like to say that this song helped to usher in that epiphany, but I can’t because my brain refuses to cooperate. Anyway.

*Stands on soap box*


*Jumps down and sips tea*

Seriously. There are only like seven actual words, but so much is said and the emotion is conveyed through the mumbling. The coolest thing about this song is that no two pair of ears hear the same thing. And (yes, it gets better) no one person necessarily hears the same thing each time they press play. By not finishing what he started, Ryan delivers a new song to each listener.  Genius in Gibberish!! There are various “lyric” videos on the interents, but who really knows what he’s saying? I don’t, and that’s just fine.

Just Listen: Jamie Cullum Doesn’t Want The Music To Stop

I’d first like to say that Spotify is a gift from the heavens. Second, I need for my new (is it still new in week 5?) place of employment to unblock Spotify so that I can listen to full albums for free. In the meantime, my Iphone app has been treating me very well. The most recent gem was delivered on The 20/20 Experience radio.


I’ve never been a faithful listener of Jamie Cullum, but his dopeness has always been apparent. Now Riri…. I don’t like her voice. Nope. She sounds like a PMSing cat, however, she is given some pretty good songs. So I guess I’m a fan of the songwriters that she uses. I’ve never ever liked Please Don’t Stop The Music. Nah, it can end. This version is sooo dope. Keep going Jamie boo!