In Case Of An Emergency….

I should put one of these in my purse.

I’m pretty sure I have one of the shortest contacts lists in an iPhone ever. I do not save numbers if I have no intention of calling the person to whom they belong. I never have. I also don’t answer the phone calls of unknown numbers. By unknown, I mean numbers that aren’t saved in my phone. I know. It’s just what I do. I wanted to give a little background on my telephone habits before I delve into what this post is really about.

I don’t have my mother’s phone number saved in my phone. Not my Gigi, the woman I call mommy. Why? Read the second sentence of the first paragraph. I know that some people will shake their head at me for this completely logical use of logic (hehe). Save your judgement. I don’t call her. I was waiting on the elevator and thinking, like thinking people do sometimes. I had a lightbulb moment.


Not having my mother’s phone number will save my life in the event of an emergency.


Feel me, people.

There are people that we call in case of an emergency. We put all of their contact information on all paperwork. These are the people that we call whenever anything bad/crazy happens. Our close friends/significant others are aware of who these people are and how to get in contact with them if ever necessary. I have these people. For most people, the emergency contacts are their parents. Perfectly normal.

I definitely need to add something like this to my phone.


If I were ever in some type of  accident or my health becomes compromised, it would make perfect sense for whoever is near me at the time (or the person that finds me in distress) to try to contact a parent after calling the 911 folks. If I’m out of it, more than likely the person who finds me will go through my phone looking for someone to call. Life/society/the fact that there are an abundance of single parent households has trained our brains to scroll straight to the M’s searching for “Mom” or an equivalent. This contact is non-existent. Such a good thing.

My mother would be not one iota of help in a bad situation. In fact, she would cause an entire tangent of  an emergency on her own. The dramatics would be at an astronomical level. Whatever information that needs to be obtained from a parent in an emergency, would not come from her. In fact, there would be no point of asking any questions because she would be too busy shooting questions at you to hear anything. These questions would have nothing to do with the situation at hand. No, that’s too much like right. Not having my mother’s number avoids any potential of madness.

If I’m ever in a predicament and a family member needs to be contacted, I’d say call my sister. A stranger wouldn’t know I had a sister though, so scroll down to “Daddy”. He may not answer the first time you call. Call back. His phone will probably be on vibrate, or he’ll see my name and assume that I don’t really want anything. If he still doesn’t answer, I hope I’m conscious enough to give instructions to scroll down to “Gigi”. They’re connected at the hip. She’ll be helpful, she’s a doctor. Call Brandi last. She’ll be a basket case, but she’s important.