The Year Of The 30 Day Challenge

I am almost done with my first 30 Day Challenge of the year. I’ve never done a challenge before, and didn’t enter 2012 with intentions to start. That was until I stumbled on a Letter Writing Challenge. There’s a different person for every day. It could be as simple as writing to the last person you’ve kissed, or a little more difficult. The other day I had to write to the person who I wish I could be. Overall, I’ve enjoyed myself and my thoughts.

Now that the challenge is almost over, I want to continue. I think that every 30 days should be accompanied by a new challenge. I’m convinced that this will help me improve different areas of my life, depending on the challenge. My only issue is conjuring up ideas. I don’t any good ideas!

There is always the option of taking the lazy way out and spend the next month only drinking water. I drink water more than any other beverage. That would be a piece of cake. Or I could do something that I already planned on like reading every day. I can’t come up with anything creative.

I need help. February is right around the corner. I don’t know what I’m going to do. Shouldn’t there be a tumblr for this? There must be! *goes to google*