A Song For Saturday: Novel – We Got It Bad

I’m going to try something new. Every Saturday I’m going to post a song and/or video. Why? Because this is my blog and I can do what I want. I don’t plan on following any particular theme or scheme. I just want to post some of the songs that happen to play on a loop in my head from time to time.

First up is singer/songwriter Novel. I like this one. Enjoy!!


Whyyy Did I Ever Watch These Movies?

Jason’s Lyric – I saw this movie years after it’s release, because I was a child back when it was popular. I don’t remember who I watched it with, but I do remember being extremely uncomfortable during the love scene in the woods. I’m pretty sure I watched it with family. How awkward is that? Sitting with your dad while Jada Pinkett is getting it on all out in nature. I’ll pass. And then there was the big blow up crazy man shoot em up scene. I don’t like crazed gunmen. I don’t like emotional shootings. This was all that and then some. I couldn’t do it. Will never watch it again. *Shudders*

Precious – This movie here…. My first tear fell somewhere in the beginning of the movie after my first cringe when poor Precious got smacked by her mama at the sink. Every time they seemed to dry up, something else happened to  get me upset again. I was also pissed because no one warned me that I would cry. I would have come with an entire box of tissue. When that baby went tumbling down the stairs! Queue the water works once again. It was really downhill when Monique decided that she was going to explain to Paula why she treated Precious the way she did. Come On!!! Was I really expected to sit through that without crying and sniffling all over the place? Never will I ever see that mess again. I wash my hands of all that emotion at once. Ugh!!

Passion of the Christ – First of all, let me just say eff Mel Gibson for creating this movie. Why? Because it is enough seeing my Jesus on the screen at church every few months during communion. The crucifixion that they show from that old school movie is pretty sad. Mel decided that he wanted to recreate the whole thing and do it with a bigger budget and make it all types of realistic. And of course my church had to book a theatre. Literally. We had movie tickets and there was not one person in that room that wasn’t a member of Born Again. I have never been in so much pain during, well, anything. I was one tense muscle. I cringed every time they hit my Jesus. Every time He winced I winced. And every time they showed his mama crying, I cried. Yea, eff Mel Gibson. My daddy bought the dvd when it was released (because it’s about Jesus and all). I don’t remember it ever being unwrapped from the plastic.

American History X – I am still mad at the person that made me watch this mess. We were supposed to chillin’. Spending quality time together. Last time I checked, watching someone get their teeth kicked into a sidewalk wasn’t a cool way to spend time with someone you like. Yea I’m still mad. Just a little bit. I’ll never watch that movie again because of that there scene. Makes my skin crawl.

Only happy movies for me. I’ve been scarred enough.


Sidenote: I’m on a mission to get my Gigi to go thrifting. If I’m successful, I’m writing a post about it. Wish me luck!

May 9, 2011

I’ve been trying to pinpoint the part of my personality that screams “tell me what to do!! I’ll listen!!” so that I can remove it immediately. It really does bother me that people attempt to tell me what to do. They don’t make suggestions or just state opinions, they make actual statements. Statements!! Need to figure out a way to nip this mess in the bud. I’ll start saying no. Yea, that should work.

I’ve been telling myself that I need to go into hiding for a little while. The past couple of months have been a whirlwind of work, dinners, get-togethers, happy hours and doing hoodrat things with my friends. I’m never at home, unless I’m sleeping. Not that I mind having copious amounts of fun, but I think I need to slow down just a tad. Ok, who am I kidding? It is almost my favorite time of the year. I will not be inside of my apartment unless absolutely necessary. Maybe I should have said that I want to diversify. I can’t do happy hours and lounges all the time. I have to start going to more art galleries, poetry showcases, performances and things. The hoodrat things are fun and all, but I to do things that stimulate my brain. Somehow I’ll find a balance.

I never realize how many mothers I know until Mother’s Day. Since it isn’t a holiday that I actively celebrate, I hope all the mothers saw my twitter shout-outs. I’ve always wanted lots of children, and I don’t think that will every change, but the stories that my sisters tell me about my niece and nephew always cause me to react by stating that I’m never having kids. Those two are interesting. I have a feeling that my kids are going to turn out to be a mixture of the two’s personalities. If so, I’m in for one helluva ride on the motherhood train. Good thing I’m not having any for a very long time.

Besides being out and about having astronomical amounts of fun, I plan on doing some soul-searching this summer. It’s about time that I figure out my next move and map out the first steps. I feel change in the air.

I have a date with Childish Gambino tonight. I can’t wait!

I Wanna Be A Billionaire….

Soooo freaking baaad!!! Ok enough of the song. I wouldn’t spend my money on the crap that Mr. McCoy raps about. Who wants to buy a basketball game with the POTUS? Oh, wait… He thought that random basketball with the nation’s leader came with the territory? Ha! Poor misguided soul.

Honestly, I don’t even want to be a billionaire. I’d be happy with a couple of million. Assuming that I received this money from one lucky nickel machine in Vegas or from the a power ball ticket purchased out of sheer curiosity, how would I spend my winnings? The smart way.

1. Pay off all debt. This has always been first on my list if I ever happen to come into a large sum of money, no matter if it’s from the lottery or anywhere else. If that takes up all of my itty bitty winnings, so be it.

2. Buy my daddy a Jaguar. I love Jaguars. It is, in my opinion, that car that symbolizes class. My daddy needs that car. Of course I’d do other things for him as well, but i haven’t decided what since he now comes as a two person package deal. (I see those judging eyes. Keep em to yourself)

3. Buy land. Build a house. Build other houses on the land for my family. It would be like a compound, and serve as a permanent family reunion site. And when friends came to visit there’d always be a place for them to stay…. that isn’t mine. House guests aren’t my favorite thing in the world.

4. Invest. I would want to remain wealthy. I’d probably hire someone to do all of the investing for me. I don’t understand the stock market at all.

5. Enter my dream career. If I’m not already doing something that I’m completely passionate about, I would drop everything and do it. Whatever it is. Right now, I don’t have the slightest idea what that would be.

7. Go on an amazing vacation. I’m pretty sure that my dream career will involve me traveling the world.

8. Pre-pay for my children’s’ nieces’ and nephews’ higher education. Well… not pre-pay. I’d set up an account where money can be deposited, but only transferred out to an accredited institute of higher education. I refuse to allow them to blow college fund money on crap.

What would you do if you came into billions of bucks?

Because It’s Tuesday

Rejoice in the Lord at aaaallll times, and again I say rejoice

I’ve been singing songs I learned in Children’s Church all morning.

I can’t stand when I see people who want to get on hate on an artist’s success. Unless they’re name is Cassie or Amber Rose these people had to grind to get national recognition just like unrecognized artists are still grinding. If you’re still trying to get on and you don’t like what you’re currently hearing, work harder. Why spend all of your time bashing other artists because you don’t like their songs? How about you go create something better?

Sometimes a good cry is all I need. I hate crying.

Is it possible for someone to be addicted to attention? I think that I know a couple of people who suffer from attention addiction. I would call up Intervention, but then they’d get national attention thus defeating the purpose.

I hate feeling unappreciated (i just sang the Cherish song). You know what I hate even more? Being told that I’m appreciated when none of the person’s actions reflect that statement. So I’m basically being lied to, and I abhor being lied to.

I’m finding that I pray better in writing. It only makes sense being that I process better when I take the time to write out my thoughts. I received a beautiful wooden notebook from my aunt a few years ago. I’d been saving it, because I wanted to wait until I had beautiful words to place on the pages. What words are more beautiful than prayer?

I want to meet new people. Strangers. I don’t want to be introduced to friends of friends. I want to go somewhere at strike up a conversation with a stranger. This would require me to talk to strangers. I guess it’s about time that I step out of my comfort zone a little.

Needs are far more important than wants. Translation: No shopping for the next few months. Get used to it.








Darkness encourages thought.

This morning while embarking on my journey to the unknown work commute, I began to think. I’m convinced this wouldn’t happen if the sun was out at 6am…

My mental Rolodex began to scroll through all of the people who have hurt me in one way or another. I am still in contact with an overwhelming majority of them, and I love the ones that are close to me. I’ve forgiven them all, some without even realizing when it happened. From the outside looking in, one would say that I still hold a grudge towards each and every one. I beg to differ. I have adjusted.

Growing up with two older siblings, I was blessed to learn what not to do in order to stay off of punishment. Every time my sisters got into big trouble, I’d make a mental note and adjust my behavior as to not make the same mistakes. This has evolved as I have. When it comes to forgiveness, the act is two-fold. I forgive the person for what they’ve done, and I adjust myself. I modify whatever needs to be modified in order to ensure that the same thing does not happen to  me again from the same source. Most of the time, this changes the nature of our relationship, for better or worse.

While walking in the dark I thought, what if just simply forgave? No adjustments or modification involved. I hit me how many missed opportunities I’ve caused myself by being so over-protective. How many memories I don’t have because I stood in the way of them being made.
Well not anymore. I decided in the darkness that forgiveness and adjustment are officially divorced.  As the dark sky and morning clouds are my witness, I will no longer stand in my own way