A Song For Saturday

I’ve mulling over what song to choose for this week since last week. Right now as I’m typing, I have no idea what song will be at the end of this paragraph. This week has been up, down and all around. I’ve been frustrated to the point of wanting to say fuck it all. I’ve been on cloud nine for my friends and their accomplishments. I’ve been bubbling with ideas and nervous about taking steps to make them reality. A complete rollercoaster. What song out there in the world describes a rollercoaster? I don’t know. I’m not about the rollercoaster life though. I’m learning how to chill out and take things as they come, but never stop planning and preparing for the future. 

I’ve finally decided on a feel good song, which is appropriate since I can say that as of this moment, that’s exactly how I feel. And I’m going to try to keep this feeling. I’m alive and in good health. My little family unit has a roof over our heads and food to eat. And we’ll be welcoming another member any day now. I’m happy.

Happy Face. Enjoy, it’s a throwback.  Sidenote: I had floor seats at this concert, and had a ball.


A Song For Saturday: Thizzle Dance

Hope everyone out there had a great week. I did. Thanks for asking. Today’s song isn’t inspirational. This track doesn’t make me think. It makes me happy. Last night the homie Nicole decided that at the end of our night it was a great idea to play Hyphy music on her phone. If you don’t know what Hyphy is/means, please go visit Google and come back. One of my favorite Hyphy songs is  ‘Thizzle Dance’ by Mac Dre (RIP). Peep the video. Want to learn the dance? Follow directions.

Mac Dre gets down around the 1:45 mark.


A Song For Saturday: Darling/Clear Eyes

I spent a good part of my work day yesterday listening to everything that I could find from Kids These Days. A group of Chicago highschool graduates who deviated from college to pursue music as a group. Musicians, vocalists, producers and MC Vic Mensa. These kids are dope.

I have two songs for today. The first is “Darling”, a single from the Hard Times EP. I like the concept of the video and Vic Mensa’s delivery.

The next video is for their latest offering, “Clear Eyes”. I love the lyrics, but the music is what has me hooked. Listen to that horn. This is smooth.



A Song For Saturday: Rigamortis

There’s so much that I could say about Kendrick Lamar. His flow is amazing. His subject matter is not like any other rapper that appeared on the scene at the same time, and have been releasing material along side the Cali native. My song of choice is ‘Rigamortis’. Why? Because it is dope. Simply. And I Love the video. LOVE.




A Song For Saturday: Everytime

I’m the new girl at work, and will hold this position for quite some time. I keep to myself in my little corner exploring the wonderful world of Pandora while getting work done. A few days ago, the flamboyantly gay Sales and Groups Manager decided that he wanted to include me in the office sing-a-long. (him belting out random lyrics at the top of his lungs) How did he attempt to make me feel a part of that team? By asking my favorite Britney Spears song. *insert bbm straight face here*

Of course the only song from the pop princess that I like is the one that he had to google. Everytime. Why do I like this song? Because it was the only song that she released that had an inkling of substance behind the words. And the video was dope.

So, that’s my choice for this Saturday. Enjoy


A Song For Saturday: Parachute

Soooo…. I get to see Tabi Bonney in a week. He’s a rapper from DC, who’s not like anyone else that I listen to. When I say listen to, I mean that I have albums. As in more than one. This song is from his newest offering, The Summer Years. The video is too cute. I want to go on a picnic and play with leggos!!