Hair ADD: It’s Real and I’m Suffering

I want this cut!!

Hi, my name is Bethany and I have a problem. *lowers eyes* *finds comfort in the monotone “Hi Bethany” from the “group”* I have natural hair ADD.
Every other day I want to change my hair. I don’t even have that much hair on my head!! It all started when I cut my perm off. You know, the Big Chop. Mine wasn’t that big.  I wanted to grow my natural hair out and experiment with every style out there. Then I realized that my hair does not grow at the speed of light, and I began to miss the carefree days of waking up and brushing. No prep. No untwisting. No styling.

No, I want This hair! Now!! Grow hair! GROW!!!

Now that my hair is once again the masterpiece of my barber, I have an urge to grow it all over again. Why? Because of the pictures I see every day. Twitter, Pinterest and blogs like show these women with glorious coils and curls and their crown. They look amazing! I want that. But I don’t have any hair!!! Why? Because I decided that it would be a great idea to cut it all of again.
To add one more insult to all of my nappy-headed misery, I have decided on a new spring/summer style. I am going to get braids. Yes. Braids. Like these:

You can't tell me that those braids aren't amazeballs.

Why? Because they are dopeness in extension form. If I didn’t have a job with a dress code and strict rules on appearance I would get these:

I would do this in a heartbeat. Eff work *kicks rocks*

The braids will likely be temporary. I’ll keep them until I feel that my ‘fro is at a length worth showing  off to the world. My real challenge will be patience. I have to grow my hair long enough for braids. I already hate this process. I am about to look something like a dusty farm child. This is the phase where I have th hardest time fighting the urge to walk into the closest establishment with clippers.
I bow to stick to it. No cutting my hair. It’s ok if I look a little shabby for a while. I’ll have to turn this into shabby chic. Stay tuned.

Natural Is Not The New Light-Skinned For Me

I am writing this post after reading this:

I appreciate all that G Hyl had to say, and understand his point of view. I’ve never discussed my opinion on natural hair going mainstream in-depth because I’ve never had a real reason to do so. I have spoken about how much work goes into taming my mane, which is plenty of work. But all of the tweets leading up to me reading this article have urged me to speak my peace.

I cut my hair off before Spring Break 2009. I did not make this decision after seeing a fly bald lady. I didn’t make this decision after reading about it in a magazine. I cut my hair because applying a relaxer to a short hairstyle every three weeks had become unhealthy.

I started out with hair down to the nape of my neck, and cut it periodically until it looked like this:

And then the damage happened. My original was to grow out the perm while pressing the new growth to maintain the hairstyle. That lasted about 3 weeks. One day I walked right out of work and into a beauty salon with one instruction. “Cut off all of the straight hair.” That left me with nothing. And I loved it. Life was easy. There was no need to allocate time in the morning for hair. I simply brushed the back n went on my way.

I soon got used to this new routine but did not want a cold head when winter rolled around, so I decided to grow my hair out in its natural state. I had no idea what I was in for. I did, however fall in love with how healthy my hair was. It was think and full, and all areas of breakage were growing back with no problem. My decision was a good one.

I am not offended by women that are ‘big chopping’ in order to be a part of the fad. Do I think that it is a smart choice? No. I do laugh at them just a little when I think about the work they have in store once they decide to start growing their hair back. Especially if they aren’t prepared.

Do I think that natural is the new light-skinned? Yes. Is it MY new light-skinned? Not even close, but I’m not one to follow the directions of  magazines and blogs. As sure as light-skinned returned to being just another shade of brown, natural hair will fall off the ‘what’s hot’ list and leave behind many a bald head black woman with no direction. Meanwhile, myself along with all women who are natural for an actual reason will remain happily nappy! (or curly, or straight!)