Dear Consistency….

For why come do you not want to be a part of my life?! I need you! Why must you hide?! Ok, ok let me get real. I’m the problem in this relationship. I’m sorry. I’m going to do better. You don’t believe me? Yes, I know that I’ve said those words to you many a time before. I serious this time. I need you. Life is much harder than necessary without your benefits. Don’t look at me like that! You want to know why I’m serious this time?

*Insert picture of my mid-section here*

You see that? I’ve been attempting to get rid of the kangaroo pouch tummy for what feels like forever. It’s not huge and my clothes aren’t suddenly “shrinking” or anything like that, but Ugh! I want a flat tummy!!! If I keep riding on the lazy train, I’m going to end up in the land of booty-do and cottage cheese thighs. I haven’t been able to stick to a workout schedule to save my life! But that is the past. With you by my side Consistency, I’m going to be in tip-top shape. And don’t get me started on the roller coaster that is my eating habits. Like, I know that I feel better when I have a green smoothie for breakfast. I Know This. Yet, I can go weeks and weeks without taking the 6 minutes required to start my day on the right foot. Who DOES That?! A person without You!! All I need is you Consistency!!!


This is how I treat my blog most of the time. For Shame.

Another example? This entire corner of the internets that is my blog is perfect! Do you know how many ideas and thoughts fall into the abyss of my overactive imagination because I don’t consistently explore and write? If you look in my phone right now, you’ll see at least 25 beginnings. That’s it. And my many notebooks…. Beginnings and maybe a few extra sentences. Not one complete ANYTHING. I want to go back and finish everything that I start, really, but your homie procrastination is really good at diverting my attention just long enough for the thoughts and ideas to completely float away. What’s left? All of my beginnings.

So there. Do you get it now? I know you felt the frustration through these words. Even if you didn’t, know that I’m frustrated. I’m over it. I want you boo. I need you. Get over here!! Now!!

The Healthy Chronicles: I Bought A Juicer

In my last post, I mentioned my new found interest in all things healthy food. No I’m not about to swear off everything that’s not a a vegetable that’s name has at least two syllables. I will not be “that girl”. I refuse. And I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to live with myself if I gave up certain delicacies. Like bacon. So even though I’m exploring the world of health, I’m not going to completely desert my soul food roots.

I’d been looking at juicers for a while now, and the sister and I decided that we were going to hold off for a while. It wasn’t anything that we needed at the moment, and I didn’t want to buy just any juicer. I wanted a big fancy one that will strain the living daylights out of whatever I placed in it’s path. Then I had a day of from work, and was left to my own devices after lunch with the sister. I decided to go stop by the bargain store down the street. Low and behold, they had all kinds of juicers in that place. Some where in the $100’s and I walked right passed them. My will power was strong. Until I stumbled on a juicer for $30 bucks. THIRTY DOLLARS!!! No way that I could have passed on that. I knew that it wouldn’t have the best blades or extract as much juice as an expensive version. But what it would do is get me some juice. It would be the practice appliance. I’d be able to work out some recipes  and see what friuts and veggies taste well together. And since I don’t want to do a complete juice fast or anything, there was no way that I was going home without that juicer. So I bought it.

My first attempt at juicing involved an assorment of fruits and veggies from the Farmer’s Market. Kale, collards, peaches, an avocado, a plum. I learned so much in that first juicing session. First of all, my juicer does NOT like kale. or maybe the kale I had just wasn’t juicy. The collards, definitely rendered more juice than the kale. I think I’ll stick to blending the green stuff for a smoothie. Also, who told me that you can juice anything? Huh? You lied. There is no juice in an avocado!!  The fruits gave me all kinds of goodness, though.

My plan is to have a smoothie in the morning, and some sort of juice before bed. I realized that I can’t just throw whatever into the juicer and expect greatness. I’ll get juice, but I want it to taste good as well. So I’m now equipped with some recipes and will give this juicing thing another go.  Trying to be healthy is complicated.