See You At The CrossRoads: Fall Out Boy & The Band Perry

I was lucky enough to win a spot at the taping of a CMT Crossroads episode. Now, normally this wouldn’t be anything I’d really be interested in, but the featured artists were out of the norm. Stepping away from the usual bill of country “legends” this episode was set to showcase The Band Perry and Fall Out Boy. That is a far cry from the oh so popular Willie Nelson and Ray Charles special. There was no way I was passing this up.


Fun fact: There were two bass players, so they had to take turns. A first for both FOB and TBP.

I’ve participated in a TV production one other time. Bonnaroo. Sat second row at the Key & Peele hosted Comedy Central special, and laughed and smiled on cue. A month later, I discovered that CC edited a light-skinned chick into all the scenes where Key & Peele were actually talking to me and my equally Hershey’s Kiss complected friend. Jerks. Needless to say, I don’t expect to see much of myself on TV. Once the practice applause (so awkward) was over, they started the show.

This was a full on concert, but better. Why? Because they had to perform most of the songs twice!! One might think that this would be annoying, but it was actually pretty dope. The production/sound team found some random thing wrong with the first go round, everyone got their make-up touched up and step back up to their mics and guitars. The second time for every song was always so much better.


Touch-up Time! This happened after every song.

The match-up was perfect. The Band Perry is already pretty edgy for a country band. Fall Out Boy’s rock amazingness (not a word, I know) added so much to their songs, even the soft “If I Die Young”. It takes a special talent to add extra umph to such a sweet sentimental tune, and Patrick Stump sharing the lyrics with JJ was simply everything. The only downside for me, since there has to be one, was JJ on the Fall Out Boy songs. Her voice doesn’t project like Patrick’s. For example, I know “Sugar, We’re Going Down” and was ready to completely rock out and sing at the top of my lungs. JJ’s soft voice was kind of a buzz kill.

Seeing all of the employees, cameras, important people with headsets and everything that went int the set was amazing. Something that would end up being a 30 minute show probably took so much time and effort.


Favorite Moments: “Better Dig Two” and “If I Die Young”

Takeaway: This experience solidified my need to update my phone so I could’ve taken better pictures to share!! November can’t get here fast enough!!


JJ is beautiful, this picture just sucks. I’m getting a new phone.

Pete's stories (once he got a mic) were hilarious

Pete’s stories (once he got a mic) were hilarious

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