One foot. One step. That was all it took.

I was off-balance. I couldn’t shake the “blah” feeling. I couldn’t string a coherent sentence together for anything. I didn’t feel like reading. I wanted to sit at home and go out and party. I wanted to sleep and dance. I wanted to mover forward and run a mile in the wrong direction. Sunday, I wanted to go to church and I wanted to nap. My life was literally a wreck. My feelings colliding.

But I got up, dressed and in the car. And I walked into Wallace Chapel. That step, the first step, was the best decision that I’ve made in such a long time. As I closed my eyes in worship, I saw a brick wall in its beginning stages. I thought that it was my imagination  just wondering per usual. Then it hit me like the ton of bricks that made up the foundation of that wall. The turmoil. The indifference. Tug of war that has sneakily taken over my life. It was the wall. The same wall that was erected all those years ago to keep Jesus out of the most sacred parts of my heart. The bricks were being laid once again. It was on its way back up. Petty justification for all of my sins. Excuses. Nonchalant disposition towards church, my bible and my spiritual growth. Each brick that I saw as I stood in corporate worship represented all the things that I just knew were gone for good building upon themselves.

God works in mysterious ways. He speaks to each of our hearts in a way that only we can understand. He convicts us. He gives us instruction. He forgives and consoles. He directs and reveals. He washes us with compassion and fills us with his love. For everyone,  this is unique. Sunday He used a picture. Bricks in my head that I never would have seen if I hadn’t taken that first step. And continued walking forward.

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