I’m Back!!! (And this time, it’s for good)

As I sit here listening to Ab-Soul’s Control System (currently my favorite rap album), I think about how good it feels to be reunited with Michael Bublé. My MacBook. He was terminally ill for quite some time, and I wasn’t not in a position to give him the necessary care. Fortunately, a donation from the Make A MacBook Wish Foundation came in the form of a bonus check from work. The procedure was long and tedious, but Michael is a trooper and recovered in record time.

I’ve missed this. Blogging. I have so much to say!! I’m even going to stick to a schedule….. Errr, attempt to stick to a schedule. How does Tuesdays and Thursdays sound? Good? Great. I don’t really like tumblr, so I’ll be bringing random music musings back over here. I’m excited. You should be too.

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