Hair ADD: It’s Real and I’m Suffering

I want this cut!!

Hi, my name is Bethany and I have a problem. *lowers eyes* *finds comfort in the monotone “Hi Bethany” from the “group”* I have natural hair ADD.
Every other day I want to change my hair. I don’t even have that much hair on my head!! It all started when I cut my perm off. You know, the Big Chop. Mine wasn’t that big.  I wanted to grow my natural hair out and experiment with every style out there. Then I realized that my hair does not grow at the speed of light, and I began to miss the carefree days of waking up and brushing. No prep. No untwisting. No styling.

No, I want This hair! Now!! Grow hair! GROW!!!

Now that my hair is once again the masterpiece of my barber, I have an urge to grow it all over again. Why? Because of the pictures I see every day. Twitter, Pinterest and blogs like show these women with glorious coils and curls and their crown. They look amazing! I want that. But I don’t have any hair!!! Why? Because I decided that it would be a great idea to cut it all of again.
To add one more insult to all of my nappy-headed misery, I have decided on a new spring/summer style. I am going to get braids. Yes. Braids. Like these:

You can't tell me that those braids aren't amazeballs.

Why? Because they are dopeness in extension form. If I didn’t have a job with a dress code and strict rules on appearance I would get these:

I would do this in a heartbeat. Eff work *kicks rocks*

The braids will likely be temporary. I’ll keep them until I feel that my ‘fro is at a length worth showing  off to the world. My real challenge will be patience. I have to grow my hair long enough for braids. I already hate this process. I am about to look something like a dusty farm child. This is the phase where I have th hardest time fighting the urge to walk into the closest establishment with clippers.
I bow to stick to it. No cutting my hair. It’s ok if I look a little shabby for a while. I’ll have to turn this into shabby chic. Stay tuned.

One thought on “Hair ADD: It’s Real and I’m Suffering

  1. A little advice from one who has had natural hair for 9 years, then a perm, and now starting all over with natural again (it’s been 10 months now): Your hair will grow with time, patience, protective styles and natural oils (jojoba, coconut, castor, shea, etc.). The key is to PROTECT and MOISTURIZE while you wait to reach your desired length. I keep my hair in box braid extensions for 2 months at a time, wash the roots only once each month with a suds-less shampoo, and apply natural oils once a week in between washes. Whenever I take my braids out to let my hair “rest” for about 2 weeks, I always see growth ( I rest it by box braiding my natural hair and wearing cute head wraps). If you don’t mess with your hair too much, it just grows all on its own. (My daughter is 4 years old and I have always box-braided her hair. It’s down to her waist now!) Box braids are great because you can just get up and go each day without worrying about your hair. If your extension braids are long, the options for styles are too many to count. So braid it up, protect and moisturize. By the end of the year, you won’t believe how easy it was to grow it out.

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