Stop Asking Twitter For Links: A Rant

I’m young. I love music. I have bills. I download everything. I’m not ashamed. I don’t buy singles. I only buy albums of artists that I borderline Stan for, which is a very select few.

I have one issue with downloading music. Every time some highly anticipated album leaks, because they all leak, the social networks are filled with link inquiries and requests. Don’t y’all niggas know how to use the internet? We joke day in and day out about how Google has the answer to everything. Why is it that people don’t think it can supply download links?

The time that is takes for a person to tweet and facebook link requests is greater than or equal to the time it would take to type ‘album name’ into google and click on a link. Wand to be even more efficient? Type the album name and add ‘mediafire’ or ‘hulkshare’ onto the end. It is really that easy folks. Stop putting a damper on my wonderfully ratchet twitter timeline with your unnecessary requests. Lazy niggas.

If you need further assistance, please ask. I know a few sites that you can visit.

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