Two “Southern Rules” That I Will Always Practice

Being born and raised in the Bible Belt South, there is no denying that I have some conservative and traditional views and opinions. I also left the south and spread my wings slightly, exposing myself to all types of things that I’d never see in Tennessee. I like to think of myself as “evolved” or “cultured”, just because I like to give myself descriptive titles. Being back at home, I’ve realized that some things about me will never change. Some traditions practices and opinions are engraved in me for the rest of my life.

1.  Women prepare men’s plates.  

I don’t remember my grandfather ever making his own plate for any meal. Growing up, when my dad got home from work my sisters and I would warm his dinner, set up his table in front of the TV along with his drink and the remote. Every night. At family dinners, my Gigi makes daddy’s plate. Any boyfriends that my sisters have brought around for a meal have had their plate made by their girlfriend. Whenever I decide to bring a man around, I will make his plate. Whenever I cook for a man, I will make his plate. My husband will not have to make his own plate unless I’m mad at him at meal time or not around. I’m not talking about random snacks. He will not be calling me from whatever I’m doing to grab him a bag of chips and a soda.

2. Men drive.  

On dates, men drive. On shopping trips, men drive. Headed to church, men drive.  If my significant other/man I’m dating and I are going anywhere in a car, there is a %99.95 chance that he will be in the driver’s seat. We don’t always have to take his car; he is welcome to drive mine. If I had to give a reason why, it would be this: Men are meant to be the head. They lead. Men should also lead when traveling by being the person guiding the vehicle to the desired destination. The reality is, I grew up seeing men drive the car. My man will do the same. And since I will be preparing his plate, I feel like it’s an even exchange.

10 thoughts on “Two “Southern Rules” That I Will Always Practice

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  2. I’m with you, both of these just feel right to me. But I kind of think #1 might have something to do w/ him being a guest in my house. So I wonder if when I’m married and have daily demands and kiddos to take care of, it might not be a regular thing.

  3. I agree with both of these points. With my husband I always ask, “Do you want me to make your plate?” because he may not be ready to sit down and eat when I am. My next question is always, “How much do you want?”. I also grew up seeing women make their men’s plates for family dinners and backyard barbecues.

    Glad to be introduced to your blog, found it through the VSB post today.

  4. I generally object to anything when it is prefaced by “always,” but these are two good rules that I follow most of the time – with one modification. I always… er uhh… usually offer to make his plate. “Hey, baby, you want me to fix you a plate?” This is mainly b/c I don’t like people fixing my plate for me. You don’t know what I want and how much of it I want. But yeah, good rules.

  5. Funny thing… this happens in my house with my husband and I never even thought about it. It’s just how we do, I guess. But we’re happy with it. I am in the Northwest where we see a lot of white girls driving their men around, so that might be part of my aversion to driving my husband around. But then again, I like being chauffered.

  6. southern gal born and raised and i completely agree. also, i got in the habit of making sure the food was to his liking before i decided to fix my plate in case he didnt like and was in need of something else.

  7. I like to drive. I actually prefer it. As a matter of fact – I don’t trust other folks behind the wheel…period. Maybe when I get married, and we go somewhere together, I’ll let him drive. But for the most part, I’m a better and safer driver than most ppl I know so I’m good with driving. Besides – I live in Atlanta and more likely than not, the person you’re dating doesn’t live anywhere near you so most times it makes more sense to meet up than to get picked up…

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