Are Good Christians Allowed To Listen To Secular Music?

I was washing dishes and talking to God the other day, and thought of the above question. Yes, I talk to God while doing household chores. Me and the Big Guy have a unique relationship. He gets me.

Ok, back to my question. There is no need for me to explain my love for music. But as a good Christian woman am I allowed to listen to secular music? I”m not there yet, but I’m working on it. I just need to know if I have to stop listening to Hip Hop and R&B in order to get there. Don’t get me wrong, I love all music. Honestly. I listen to Gospel and Contemporary Christian, not so much Christian rap (not too fond of it), but I love me some Hip Hop and R&B along with occasional pop and rock. Love.

I know what Lucifer’s position in heaven was and I know all about his fall. I don’t listen to anything that blatantly worships the devil. I love lyrics. I love wordplay. I don’t think that will change as I grow closer to God. I do think that what I choose to listen to will evolve as the artists in the music industry evolve.  But seriously!!! I need answers!

3 thoughts on “Are Good Christians Allowed To Listen To Secular Music?

  1. There are plenty of songs and artist who are positive. There is also plenty of music with messages of love, struggle, truth, day to day life and more which are not christian or gospel, it’s just good music. So the question is, what is christian? or what is secular? or what is just good music? Remember, all good a perfect gifts come from God.

  2. Good question, but I think you are missing the heart of the matter the way you frame the question. “Christian” vs. “secular” are just labels and not necessarily indicative of anything, really.

    I think the important question is – what impact does the secular music in question have on you? Does it: 1) bring you closer to God; 2) draw you away from God; or 3) no impact / neutral impact. If you are honest with yourself, there is your answer.

    I can think of plenty of so-called secular music that (obviously) doesn’t mention God, but it does lead me to a deeper appreciation of the perceptions and emotions of other people that are outside of my experience. I would argue that while it doesn’t bring me closer to God, it does have a positive impact on me in that regard. So that’s an example of how I would look at it.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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