A Song For Saturday: Everytime

I’m the new girl at work, and will hold this position for quite some time. I keep to myself in my little corner exploring the wonderful world of Pandora while getting work done. A few days ago, the flamboyantly gay Sales and Groups Manager decided that he wanted to include me in the office sing-a-long. (him belting out random lyrics at the top of his lungs) How did he attempt to make me feel a part of that team? By asking my favorite Britney Spears song. *insert bbm straight face here*

Of course the only song from the pop princess that I like is the one that he had to google. Everytime. Why do I like this song? Because it was the only song that she released that had an inkling of substance behind the words. And the video was dope.

So, that’s my choice for this Saturday. Enjoy


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