I’m ok. No, really. No need to speculate or ask everyone but me how I’m doing. Asking my sister will land you on an express train to nowhere. All she does is tell me everything. And what do i do? I laugh. Just fall back guys. Stop worrying. I say that with lots of love.

I know you’re old and you mean well, but I’m at the ripe age of 24. 24 year olds go out and do things. I am in a position that has me at events that I wouldn’t be able to attend because I have other things to pay for, along with allowing me to go out and do the things that 24 year olds do for free. I’m going to go do these things.  I promise that my daddy knows. Stop snitching.
P.S – I am not my mother.
P.S.S. – shout out to you for coming through in the clutch. Love you Fox!

Stores With New Clothes,
I don’t think that I like you that much anymore. I’m cheating on you with thrift stores. Don’t get too down on yourself, I still need you for things like shoes and underwear, and from time to time I’ll stop by for wardrobe essentials. The thrift and vintage world is stealing my heart and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Get it together. I love you, and I’ll never denounce my love, but seriously GET IT TOGETHER! Offensive line, I’m looking at you.
P.S. – To my husband Hines Ward, I love you the mostest!

White Girl At Work,
Let me be more specific. Lazy white girl at work. I was not hired to do your assignments. I do not work under you. I am not in the office to do all of the things that you don’t feel like doing. Don’t put anything on my desk without an explanation. I’m going to assume that you forgot where the trash can is located and help you out.

Originally I was going to tell you that if you throw me one more curve ball then I was going to quit you altogether. Then I was reminded that I have favor and faith. So to you I say, bring it on. And I’ll leave you with the wise words of BoneCrusher: I ain’t neva scared.

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