Whyyy Did I Ever Watch These Movies?

Jason’s Lyric – I saw this movie years after it’s release, because I was a child back when it was popular. I don’t remember who I watched it with, but I do remember being extremely uncomfortable during the love scene in the woods. I’m pretty sure I watched it with family. How awkward is that? Sitting with your dad while Jada Pinkett is getting it on all out in nature. I’ll pass. And then there was the big blow up crazy man shoot em up scene. I don’t like crazed gunmen. I don’t like emotional shootings. This was all that and then some. I couldn’t do it. Will never watch it again. *Shudders*

Precious – This movie here…. My first tear fell somewhere in the beginning of the movie after my first cringe when poor Precious got smacked by her mama at the sink. Every time they seemed to dry up, something else happened to  get me upset again. I was also pissed because no one warned me that I would cry. I would have come with an entire box of tissue. When that baby went tumbling down the stairs! Queue the water works once again. It was really downhill when Monique decided that she was going to explain to Paula why she treated Precious the way she did. Come On!!! Was I really expected to sit through that without crying and sniffling all over the place? Never will I ever see that mess again. I wash my hands of all that emotion at once. Ugh!!

Passion of the Christ – First of all, let me just say eff Mel Gibson for creating this movie. Why? Because it is enough seeing my Jesus on the screen at church every few months during communion. The crucifixion that they show from that old school movie is pretty sad. Mel decided that he wanted to recreate the whole thing and do it with a bigger budget and make it all types of realistic. And of course my church had to book a theatre. Literally. We had movie tickets and there was not one person in that room that wasn’t a member of Born Again. I have never been in so much pain during, well, anything. I was one tense muscle. I cringed every time they hit my Jesus. Every time He winced I winced. And every time they showed his mama crying, I cried. Yea, eff Mel Gibson. My daddy bought the dvd when it was released (because it’s about Jesus and all). I don’t remember it ever being unwrapped from the plastic.

American History X – I am still mad at the person that made me watch this mess. We were supposed to chillin’. Spending quality time together. Last time I checked, watching someone get their teeth kicked into a sidewalk wasn’t a cool way to spend time with someone you like. Yea I’m still mad. Just a little bit. I’ll never watch that movie again because of that there scene. Makes my skin crawl.

Only happy movies for me. I’ve been scarred enough.


Sidenote: I’m on a mission to get my Gigi to go thrifting. If I’m successful, I’m writing a post about it. Wish me luck!

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