Things I’ve Learned Since My Last ‘Serious’ Post

I’ve been slacking on updating my small section of the internets. It’s about time I dust of the cobwebs and straighten up a bit. Between wifi issues, starting a new job, and every day life, blogging goals haven’t been accomplished. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t been writing, it just means none of it has been published here.
What I’ve been doing more of than writing is learning.

There is no point in acknowledging the differences in the personalities of others if I’m not willing to communicate with them in a way that they will understand. I’ve witnessed and participated in a few arguments in the past couple of months. Many of which seemed to be one big unresolved issue on a continuous loop. After taking a step back and looking at some of the situations, along with talking to others about them I realized that I could avoid so many arguments by communicating. Everyone is not the same and aren’t going to receive things that I say the same way. I have to identify the person that I’m dealing with and they manner that they communicate before I deal with them. There are certain ways that I have to communicate with certain people if I want to get anywhere with them.

I have GOT to work on talking more. Everyone around me knows that if an issue gets to crazy or out of hand instead of moving towards getting solved that will close my mouth and walk away. That is my temporary fix. I can’t stand arguing a moot point and I am not about to spend too much time trying with someone who is unwilling. There is no point in knowing the various ways to effectively communicate with the people in my life if I’m not going to take action. That means I have to stop shutting up and shutting down. I have to talk.

I have to learn not to be so angry when actions do not match words. The words that have been spoken to me and that I’ve heard spoken to others.  The behavior that I’ve witnessed. It bothers me when one does not resemble the other. I know that actions speak louder than words, and I’ve been believing in people based on their actions for quite some time. It shouldn’t bother me so much when I see the disconnect is what I’ve been told and what someone does. I know I’m not without guilt. I also have been trying to work on getting better. I don’t want to become the person who has no faith in those in her life, but I don’t want to be the person that continues to be disappointed because I’ve believe so much in what I’m told. I need to find a balance, and that balance has to eliminate the angry phase. That coupled with my memory can be detrimental. Especially since I’m one to keep small frustrations to myself until I’m overflowing and going off.

I actually enjoy sitting in the house and doing nothing. This isn’t something that I didn’t know about myself, but something that I’d almost forgotten. I spent so much time with a mind thinking that I had to be going somewhere and doing something all the time that sitting still felt somewhat foreign if I wasn’t sleeping. I don’t want to become a homebody though. I also don’t want to start living the a life in Nashville like the one that I was living in DC. I want something different and a lot of doing nothing will be included.

My opinions on so many things have changed without me even realizing. But I’ll save that for another post.

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