Unconditional Support


People close to me are used to me being very open and opinionated with them. I’ve given  them every reason not to know me as anything else, unless there’s something wrong. That was until I started learning to hold my tongue. This is all new to me, so I understand everyone giving me funny looks and asking me questions after I tell them that I have nothing to say. It hit me that everyone doesn’t need to know what I think. When offering their opinion to a friend, people often use the phrase “if I were you I’d ‘blah blah blah’.” NO YOU WOULDN’T!!! If any of you or I were the person that we were giving advise to we’d do the exact same things that they are doing. Why? Because WE ARE THEM!!

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but I like being who I am. I don’t want to step into anyone’s shoes and make decisions for them. Instead I’ll offer my unconditional support. At the end of the day, when people need me the be there for them, it’s not for me to tell them what I think. It’s never for me to judge their actions and decisions. It’s definitely never for me to talk you out of any decision that you’ve made. I’m there to listen. To hug. To wipe away tears. Although, I’d prefer to leave the tears out of the equation. I hate crying.

Crazy thing is, the things that I just listed are the same things that I’ve always expected from my family and friends. I’ve gotten so much more than that more times than not. The only person that gets a free pass to tell me what they think and what to do is my daddy. Only because he’s the coolest man in the world. But I’m also learning to filter some of the things he says. Anyone else is subject to all words going in one ear and out of the other. Because most times all that anyone needs to do is listen. All anyone needs to do is hold their tongue and support.


One thought on “Unconditional Support

  1. I am proud of your growth in this area, but as my sister there are times when I need you to release your tongue. For me to ask your opinion and you say you don’t have one makes me feel like you don’t care. And that hurts worse than any words you could possibly say.

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