Thanks Kanye

I watched Kanye’s Coachella performance in it’s entirety the other night. Why? Because he’s Needless to say, he did not disappoint. Then he made me cry. His last song was Hey Mama, and I promise that I felt the sincerity through my computer screen. I’ve only listened to the song about 4 times ever before the other night, because the words/message really don’t  apply to my life. (we’ll save that for a post that I’ll never write) Seeing just how much those words meant to him made me wish that I could feel that way too, and that’s when the tears started. Then I said “Eff that. My kids are going to  sing this song about me one day.” And that’s when I stopped the tears and decided that I officially love this song. So thanks Kanye.

One thought on “Thanks Kanye

  1. As your Father, I hope I’ve relayed to you how proud I am of you. For thru it all you stand and acheive.
    And if you ever need that comfort of a mother: I will give to you all a Father can give. Black women have been both mother and father. Why not a black man.

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