There’s Just Me…. A Rant

I read a lot of blogs, probably more than I should. It seems like lately there have been an abundance of posts dealing with women. The type of women men want, the type they hate, the ideal combination of types, and the reasons why certain types will never get wifed. It’s all starting to get a little old.

I am B.Renee. Period. There’s just me. I’m not a type of girl that fits into a category. Hell, I’ve found parts of my personality in almost every single blog post! Does it mean that I’m only going to date a certain type of man because I genuinely enjoy sports and don’t care for make-up, I’m pretty and I know it, or because I have more female friends than male, or I feel that a woman should be treated with respect, I don’t care about a man’s money…. I could go on for days.

And don’t get me started on the comments that are made on these blogs. A smorgasbord of “_____ all do ____” and “all ____ men like _____ women”. Let me not forget ” ______ girls are cute/need love too!!”  Shuuuut UUUP!!

Why do I (all women) have to fit into a category? I understand that people have certain characteristics that they look for in potential dates/mates/significant others, but can it just be left at that? Stop trying to put me in a box! I’m too curvy for all of that. (you see what I did there)

But seriously. I’m me, myself and I. I am not “B the ______ girl” and will never identify as such.

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