Because It’s Tuesday… Another One

Yes, I know that today is Friday. Yes, I know what I titled this post. I tend to write things down whenever I have idle time. It makes me feel like I’m doing work, even though in reality I’m just documenting my mental self-diagnosed ADD. I was flipping through one of my notebooks (I have way too many) and came across a list of questions that I indeed wrote on a Tuesday. I still need answers.

1. Is it possible to pray wrong? I know that it is possible to pray with the wrong mindset, and for the wrong reason, but to literally pray wrong, to perform the action of praying. Is is possible to do that wrong?

2. Why would a man ask questions that are inappropriate for a first date on a first date? Do they think that they are some sort of exception to the ‘asking these questions will surely get all further attempts at contacting me ignored’ rule? Do they think that they have a particular quality that renders their actions excusable? They must.

3. What’s the purpose of Black History Month these days? The black community acknowledges it on February first, continue to about their lives, and cram a bazillion programs and facts on the 27th and 28th. Why not just celebrate Black History Couple Of Days?

4. How does karma work? What are the guidelines.

5. What exactly is in shea butter? All I know is that it comes straight from a nut which comes straight from Africa.I’m pretty sure there’s a pinch of crack and a hint of miracle. What else can explain how the contents work for everything? And why do i feel like my skin is going through withdrawals because I’ve depleted my supply and don’t have time to re-up? Yep, a pinch of crack and a hint of miracle.



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