Because It’s Tuesday

Rejoice in the Lord at aaaallll times, and again I say rejoice

I’ve been singing songs I learned in Children’s Church all morning.

I can’t stand when I see people who want to get on hate on an artist’s success. Unless they’re name is Cassie or Amber Rose these people had to grind to get national recognition just like unrecognized artists are still grinding. If you’re still trying to get on and you don’t like what you’re currently hearing, work harder. Why spend all of your time bashing other artists because you don’t like their songs? How about you go create something better?

Sometimes a good cry is all I need. I hate crying.

Is it possible for someone to be addicted to attention? I think that I know a couple of people who suffer from attention addiction. I would call up Intervention, but then they’d get national attention thus defeating the purpose.

I hate feeling unappreciated (i just sang the Cherish song). You know what I hate even more? Being told that I’m appreciated when none of the person’s actions reflect that statement. So I’m basically being lied to, and I abhor being lied to.

I’m finding that I pray better in writing. It only makes sense being that I process better when I take the time to write out my thoughts. I received a beautiful wooden notebook from my aunt a few years ago. I’d been saving it, because I wanted to wait until I had beautiful words to place on the pages. What words are more beautiful than prayer?

I want to meet new people. Strangers. I don’t want to be introduced to friends of friends. I want to go somewhere at strike up a conversation with a stranger. This would require me to talk to strangers. I guess it’s about time that I step out of my comfort zone a little.

Needs are far more important than wants. Translation: No shopping for the next few months. Get used to it.








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