Who Woulda Thunk: Twitter Edition

One day soon, I’m going to write something lengthy and intropective or controversial. For now, I’ll stick to posting my random spurts as them come.

I’ve been riding on the positivity train lately, and I’m liking it. Not to say that everything in my life is all cherry blossoms and picnics, I’ve just been consiously working at keeping my head up and focusing on the good. Today, while exploring the wonderful world that is my twitter page, I came across some very encouraging and inspirational tweets that I saved in my favorites. Thought I’d share them.

“The world keeps hitting me with BS, so I treat em like Mike Jackson: *hit a spin move-grab my nuts- and proceed to moonwalk away* – @OGpenn


“The tears that you and I cry now are watering the seeds of greatness that lay within the soil of our essence. So cry on.” – @MelechT


“Stupid thing about the Devil is, I peep game nigga… I know the story of Job… The trials of David. I shake these incedents off.” – @ABlackTV


I’m not going to get all deep and talk about how these tweets made me feel. I will say that re-reading them was something I needed to do a long time ago, and something that I will be doing more often. Who woulda thunk it! Twitter has some gems!

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