5 Things To 5 People

I’m on a roll this week!! I’ve found that my lovely father has grown fond of commenting. I don’t mind, because I know that he doesn’t expect me to begin censoring myself.
Onward with the post!

Keeping with the usual humdrum around these parts, I have another list. This time it’s a list of people. Well, a list of things that I want to say to a list of people. Wait, why am I explaining myself?

1. Did I do something to you? Like personally? Because I’m thinking that there has to be some reason for the sudden change in attitude. I’m also thinking that I’m not going to ask you why you’re mad, or why you’ve chosen these actions to show me that you’re upset. See, I’m not that interested. I’m shrugging you off.

5. I’m choosing my words carefully, because my daddy has been adamant about my consideration and word choice for the past few months. I will say this:
You don’t know me. You have yet to try to get to know me. You only know what others have told you. Your attempts at being nice fail because I don’t care about how much money you have or can spend on trips and clothes in stores that I will never have an interest in shopping at. You have repeatedly been the reason for more tension than a little bit, however intentional or unintentional it may be. And although you may mean well at times, you suck at showing it. You also should accept that your way is not the only way. There are always other options. Pouting does not look good on grown ups. Well, it’s ok for me because I don’t really mean it. Also, just as an FYI, I’m stubborn which I know isn’t a good quality. This means that I’ll never make an apology if I don’t mean it. Asking will be in vain.

4. Dear everyone. I’m fine. I don’t want to talk about it. If I did, I’d call you and talk. I’ve never been a talker; so don’t act like this is new.

2. Why are you so cool? Why do I like talking to you so much? Why do I want to know so much about you? These are the questions that I ask myself all the time. Questions that I don’t have the answers to, and don’t need. I am perfectly content. Although everything isn’t ideal, I am content. So expect more from me. You told me that it would be an uphill climb. I’ve never been one for strenuous exercise, but I’m so down for the challenge.

3. You should be happy that I’m not a man. You should be very happy that I’m not a man. You should be happy that I don’t live where you live. If I lived, and I was a man, I’d kill you. I don’t play around when it comes to my family. Apparently you think that hearts are footballs that you can toss around for entertainment and then leave out in the yard. Oh, but once you get bored again you’ll go out in the yard and rummage through that grass and weeds for that abandoned deflated football. Ready to play.
You need to find another heart to play with, a heart that is not in my family. Because if you fuck with this heart in particular, put a bruise on it, deflate it any more than it is, I will pretend I’m a man. But remember that I’m a woman, so my wrath will not be normal. Think: SNAPPED.


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