Lessons That I Will Keep Close To Me From Now On

I haven’t blogged in a while. No need to make excuses. Life happens. And let me tell you, life really happened. Here are a few lessons from life that I’ll keep close to my heart from now until forever.

1. The Lord gives no one person more than they can bear. I don’t need to try to add more to my load. My shoulders are small for a reason. I am in no position to take on the issues of others. I’ve seen the consequences of these actions. Not anymore. Never again. I am my priority.

2. Everyone can’t handle me, and I man not a fan of censorship. I will keep my distance from these people, and keep my mouth shut when I am around them. I am not interested in hearing about how something I said hurt someone’s feelings.

3. We are all human. We are not the same. We all make mistakes. We all live to see another day and right our wrongs. I will not judge someone based on their mistakes. I have made plenty of my own.

4. Concentrating on me should always be my #1 priority. I don’t need to worry about what anyone else is doing, what they are saying, what they are thinking. I need not be concerned with any of it. BRenee should be my only concern.


That’s all for now. I’ll try to come back with something on the lighter side soon.


3 thoughts on “Lessons That I Will Keep Close To Me From Now On

  1. So now you become an island???? Yes we all make mistakes, and yes, charity starts at home; but it doesn’t end there. We all have something to give our fellow man. So take care of self and be a giver all the while.

    Don’t dis the wisdom of elders and experience.
    Being considerate of others feelings when you speak is not a sign of weakness. It is just being “considerate”

    We are all growing and changing.

    • Never said that I was an island, or wanted to become an island.
      I said that I am my first priority, which means exactly what you said. I also don’t think that being considerate is a sign of weakness. I’m being considerate of their feelings by keeping my thoughts to myself. What most people fail to realize about me is, because I keep so much to myself, I don’t have the “think before you speak” problem. So if it comes out of my mouth, those are more than likely the words that I wanted to use, and I’m not taking them back. It is easier on all parties for me to keep my thoughts in my head or, if it’s someone with whom I find this hard, I will keep my distance.

  2. Well said, although there are times when answers and feedback are unavoidable. It’s these times that tact still has to be employed while
    making the point. We should keep in mind our fellow man at all times.

    Now after exercising this method, the situation may call for total bluntness. But, as the scripture says, do all things in love and let your words be seasoned.

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