*Over the past few days, I’ve been documenting random observations in my trusty blackberry. Why? So I can share them here. Duh.*

1. It’s funny how my sister’s and I have rarely questioned anything my father says. We are just now collectively coming to the conclusion that his word is not the end all and be all of the world. We can challenge his opinions with opinions of our own. We can go against his wishes. This is weird.

2. I cannot stand selfish/self-centered people. If you notice that nobody wants to do what you’re doing, why would you insist on us all doing it? Nobody is enjoying themselves!! Stop being an asshole!!

3. My sisters and I can be likened to a gang at times. We may be small in size and number, but we sure know how to bully. Oh, and don’t piss us off! We will do all types of subtle things to make you feel horrible.

4. The DMV is almost officially my home. I always miss it when I’m away for more than 24hrs, and feel like a visitor when I’m in Nashville.

5. I will never shop at fancy stores. I don’t care how rich I become, I’m pretty sure I’ll never think that it’s ok to spend $300 on a shirt or $1000 on a pair of shoes. Why? Just Why!!

6. When women are in their feelings they make some of the dumbest decisions. I try my best to rationalize and make decisions with my head and not my emotions, but sometimes I lose the battle. After some things I’ve witnessed recently, I think I’ll try a little harder.

7. Love makes people stupid. Love makes people inconsiderate. Love makes people act like assholes. Love makes people rude. Love makes people absent-minded. Love is beautiful.

8. Every once in a while, I want that old thing back. Then I’m reminded that it isn’t even an option. Oh well.

9. I wish every situation allowed me to write my emotions before expressing them aloud. I’m honest. Most of the time, brutally. Some people in my life haven’t experience just how brutal because they’ve had the pleasure of receiving the written version. When they come in contact with my honesty face to face, it’s too much. Too abrasive. Disrespectful. Hurts feelings. They don’t seem to realize that I’m saying the exact same thing that I would have written, but without the editing. For this I apologize. Wait… No I don’t! I have been the same B.Renee for 24 years. I’m growing, and in my growth I’m becoming more vocal. I can’t hide behind a pen and paper for the rest of my life. The people closest to me should be able to hear how I feel, not read it.

Whew! That felt good.

One thought on “Observations

  1. Brutally honest? Maybe? Hear your heart and feelings? Maybe? But. What about the people receiving this “Brutality”? Their feelings? Their Love?
    Oh, It’s cool to be you/all you, but that should include considering your fellow man. The bible says the best way to be you is to lose yourself in Christ. Than you can see His way. So that says you won’t really be giving you; instead you’ll be giving HIM.

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