At Least I Don’t Pull My Hair Out

Hi, B.Renee here. This is me under stress.

I deal with all stress the exact same way: by myself. I am not one to go running to others for comfort unless I’m completely overwhelmed. And when it gets to that breaking point (no keri hilson) I confide in someone who already knows the situation. Yes, there are other people who I could turn to, and I’m sure they would be there with an open mind. There is just one problem: people who don’t know something ask questions.

Really? Who wants to answer questions about minor details when their nerves and emotions are on a thousand trillion? I know that I don’t. I personally feel like the opportunity would have presented itself for me to tell you all that there was to know before sh*t hits the fan. If I’m calling for back-up, trust me, the fan isn’t even visible anymore. Who hires an inexperienced  cleaning crew? Not I.

I want to talk to someone who already understands me as it pertains to the crisis. They will already know how to be the friend that I need at that very moment in time, versus asking feeler questions before giving a generic “everything will be ok”. I don’t want to hear that mess! I need someone to tell me to man up, or shut up and go cry. Sometimes I need someone to listen without judgement.

My point is that not everyone can help me with everything, because not everyone understands every part of me.


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