Post about randomness but mostly about music

I downloaded the new Foreign Exchange album today. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m confident that I will love every song. The only problem is that Authenticity has some pretty big shoes to fill. Leave It All Behind has gone down in Simply history as one of the best albums I’ve ever heard from start to finish. It’s an album that I go back to all the time, and never skip a single song. I have musical ADD, so not skipping a song is just short of a miracle. I hope Authenticity has the same effect.

There’s a guy who I never paid much attention to by the name of Kendrick Lamar. Every blog that I frequent spoke highly of his new EP, and curiosity eventually killed that cat. Let me tell y’all I am so glad that it did!! I listened to (O)verly (D)edicated for a week straight. That’s it. I think I forgot that there were 4,000 other songs on my iPod. Now that I’ve come off of the Kendrick Lamar island, all i can say is “Michael Jordan bitch”.

my uncle and my father are twins, but they’re 13 years apart. Seriously. My uncle is the spitting image of my dad, and has all of the same mannerisms. I spent the weekend watching my new cousins while he and his wife were in Dallas. Seeing him interact with the three children was like watching my dad with us back on Gordon Terrace. When I mentioned this to him he says “I’ve accepted it. We are just alike. Now I just call him so I can know what to expect health-wise. So I know what not to do.” The Simply bloodline is thick and strong. Can’t nobody tell me that I don’t belong in this family.

Howard Homecoming is fast approaching and I couldn’t be more excited. I haven’t bought a ticket for event the first, but I’m not even worried about that. Why? Because the step show never sells out, and yardfest is free. This will be the first year that I plan on being an official fan at yardfest. Every other year has been about going out and looking cute while people watching. I’m sure I’ll do plenty of that, but my attention will be on that stage. Are you really asking me why? Have you not seen the line-up? Well, I’m not about to go through them all, but my favorites are the only ones that matter. J.Cole and Shawn Chrystopher. J.COLE AND SHAWN CHRYSTOPHER!! I will be in hip-hop heaven.

Sometimes I’m more observant than I’d like to be. I wish I could ignore some things instead of committing them to memory. The worst part is that I piece things together and find the holes and people’s stories and facades without even trying. I want to be naive sometimes. Wait, I take that back. I love my keen ability to observe. I can secretly laugh at the show people put on for others.

Alright I’m done.

Good Day to all.


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