I Don’t Believe You

I rarely believe the things that people tell me as it pertains to their actions. I don’t do this on purpose. As with most of my other habits, this is done because it’s what life taught me. I grew up with a mother who would pass out on her routine responsibilities, and a father whose work hindered him from keeping a lot of his promises. So much to the point where we made other arrangements for my mother, and stopped believing my father. (whether daddy would show up or not became a game for me.)

As a grown woman, these habits have latched on to most everyone that I come in contact with. I never believe statements of grandeur. I never trust any statement that is made about the future. Why? because my experience has taught me that when the future comes, people don’t come through. I don’t make plans with someone who I don’t have proof will keep them. Proof meaning they’ve kept their plans with me, or I’ve seen them keep plans with others close to me. I definitely don’t expect gifts promised from men. That is falls into the category of game. Game equals bulls*%t. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

So please don’t get offended when you tell me something and my response is a simple “ok”. I don’t believe you. I won’t believe you until you prove yourself.


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