I just finished reading the “About” section of this lovely blog. I now realize why I wait so long between posts:

I stopped writing for SimplyMeRenee and started writing to impress.

I can’t begin to count the amount of drafts that I’ve moved to trash because I didn’t think they were good enough for whoever out there reads these posts. The backspace button became my best friend. I would write sentences and then consider the opinion of the readers. Not anymore.

This blog is for me. I originally started this to have a place to funnel my thoughts. Then I realized that this could be something I show my children someday when I need to prove that I was once a cool  I’d love to have thousands of regular readers, but honestly so what if I don’t. So back to funneling my thoughts! There will still be insightful, offensive, and mushy. The only difference it will all be straight from my head and my heart, no outside influences.

This new declaration also comes with responsibility. There should be no reason that I’m going an entire week without so much as a sentence. Anyone who follows me on twitter knows that I am thinking plenty throughout the day. Now let’s see where the randomness takes me!!


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