5 Reasons Why I’m Not Moving Back Home

Yesterday I had an allergic reaction while at work. After running to CVS and downing 3 Benadryl in the aisle, I knew I’d feel fine. This did not stop my lovely sister from snitching to my daddy about my coworkers – none of them took my reaction seriously. His solution: Move back home. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Tennessee is just not exciting. Growing up in Nashville and Hendersonville was great. I have no desire to live there as an adult. There’s absolutely nothing to do. I can’t go from all the options of DC to a place with shopping malls and 1 street downtown with places to socialize.

2. Too close to family. I love the Holders. I really REALLY love the Holders, I promise. All Holders who read this: I LOVE YOU!! But I just don’t want to live that close to you guys. Mainly my daddy and sisters. If I lived in Nashville, I’d probably live in the same complex as my sisters or within a five-minute drive. I’m a spoiled brat from all the way up here in DC. If I lived home my spoiled brat-ness would increase by copious amounts. Plus I like being the person that everyone comes to visit.

3. I can’t avoid nagging if it’s in person. I actually have the choice of not answering a phone call or text message from up here in the big city. Although, the ignoring is always short-lived. Because I’m a big baby and my sister still treats me like one I work so late, I talk to my sister every night during my commute. Whatever I miss by ignoring a call I get from her later on. If I lived at home I’d mess around and get a knock on my door. Or better yet walk in and see my daddy or sister sitting on my couch, because I’m sure they would both have a key.

5. I wouldn’t be able to go home. I love the feeling I get right before a visit home. I smile more, dance for no reason, and actually look forward to going to work. Why? Because I know that every day is one closer to me being back in the ‘Ville with my family. If I lived at home I wouldn’t get that feeling any longer.

Bottom line is I appreciate Tennessee so much more because I don’t live there. And I don’t plan on moving back any time soon.


One thought on “5 Reasons Why I’m Not Moving Back Home

  1. That was so true and humorous that I can’t be mad at it. I love coming to visit you and looking forward to being here with me. I just wish I had the means to see you WHENEVER I miss you so much it hurts.

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