Please Don’t Say That

I’m not popular. I know this, and I live my life accordingly. This also goes for my vocabulary. I rarely find myself using the super trendy words that float from the mouths of the masses.(Excluding ‘uber’ ‘epic’ and ‘ratchet’ I love those!) I usually develop a small hatred for them. There are a few that invoke a small fire of anger and irritation every time I hear them or see them on my blackberry screen. These two are on the top of my list:

“Movie” – Example: “Club ‘the same building with a new name that I promote for every week that the some people go to every week with the same weak drinks and unnecessarily long line when the inside is empty’ is a movie right now!”
Last time I checked, a movie is something that is filmed, edited, and shown on theatre or tv screens. Clubs are not. All movies aren’t even good, so you could be describing a hot ass mess or a great ass time. Either way using this term will not make me want to go anywhere that you are describing.

“Grind” – Example: “good morning! Back to the grind!” “The grind never stops.” I get that ‘grinding’ means working hard, but people use it so loosely that hearing it annoys me to the high heavens! Waking up at noon to job hunt is not grinding. Going to work and tweeting non-stop all day is not grinding. I’ve also noticed that the people who are actually grinding never use the word. This makes me loathe the stupid word even more, and think that everyone that uses it are lazy bums who want to appear busy and motivated. I don’t believe. Go crawl under a rock and take ‘grind’ with you.


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