“This Is A Warning”

There should be a warning that plays before women have sex with men they are not in a relationship with. If I was in charge of this message, it would go something like this:

“Wait!! Before you let him bone your brains out, remember that this won’t change anything. He is going to treat you the same way he’s been treating you until he feels that he’s ready to treat you better. Think about the status of your relationship for a second. You and him, ya’ll are talking/dating/hanging/chillin/getting to know each other. None of these things equal committed, and the your bun meeting his hot dog will not change this fact.

He will not call you more than he does now, unless that call is because he’s trying to get some. He will not refrain from bagging every fat ass that moves because he’s hit your from the back. He won’t bench his entire team for you, although he may promote u to the starting 5. His star player will still get all of the attention.  Contrary to the bullshit that you’ve been fed, your cooch is not his kryptonite. If you aren’t expecting any drastic changes, by all means smash away! If you are, close your legs, get up and walk away. Go sit in a corner and think about the stupid decision you were about to make. Then think about all the things you want in a relationship. Do not open your legs again until you understand that your vagina will not get you these things. Happy humping!”

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