What If…. Entry #1

I wonder if cheating is genetic… This is an example of the type of randomness that pops in my head for unexplainable reasons. Scientists seem to have come up with a way to trace any and everything back to our DNA. It’s only a matter of time for the act of cheating to be added to that list.
But seriously, what if being an adulterer was something that was passed along through our DNA like height, eye color etc. How many people out there would take the necessary precautions to avoid their genetic demise? How many would use it as an excuse to just act a damn fool, saying that their unfaithfulness was inevitable?

Would there be different levels of inheritance depending on the nature of your parents transgressions? That would make for some very interesting arguments.

Brandon gets caught red handed messing around on his loving wife Amanda. Of course he pulls the genetics card. Only problem is that he only has extreme circumstances cheating in his dna, and he and Amanda’s relationship is far from extreme. They actually have no major problems and are very good at keeping the lines of communication open. The result: divorce, long and nasty, that ends with Brandon working only to his check over to Amanda as an alimony payment.

Would there be cheater reports sold like carfax? I think money hungry Americans would use people’s genetic misfortune to make millions. Why? Because noone wants to enter a long term relationship with the person who has the “cause I felt like it” cheater gene.

If cheating was something inherited at birth, I’m happy to say that I’d have the “extreme circumstances” gene. Since I’m already the type to avoid such situations, I’d be A OK.


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