Being Sensitive Is Expensive!!

It has never been a secret that I have plenty of allergies. Over the years, I’ve grown out of some of them, and grew into others. I’m used to them, and have no issues… Not really….

Being allergic is expensive as hell!!!!

I don’t think ya’ll understand. Doctors appointments and prescriptions over the childhood years sure put a dent in my parents’ pockets. Not to mention all of the alternative food choices that had to be purchased because of my food allergies. Oh and my skin… Aveeno is not a cheap brand. At. All. But there was always an oatmeal bath to be had.

Fast forward to the present day. I’ve become very comfortable in my sensitive skin, and am very good at gauging what is good and bad for my body inside and out. The food allergies are easy. Don’t eat what I’m allergic to, but continue to try new things. Playing it safe is simply not an option. This means asking hella questions about cooking ingredients whenever I try anything new.

The skin thing has gotten easer with age also. The problem is, this mess has not gotten any less expensive. Dove soap? Money Black soap for my face? Money. Intensive moisture lotion? Money. Shea butter for the winter? Money. Free and Clear laundry detergent? Money. Tack on the money it costs to tweak the regimen whenever my skin decides to get used to what I’m using…. MONEY!! I wish I could use the crap that’s on sale every week. I can’t go near a bar of Irish Spring or Dial to save a couple of coins. I can’t even buy too much of the body wash from Bath and Body Works when they have the blowout sales. Why? Because I can only use it once a month, and I spend the rest of the month apologizing to my itchy skin.

There should be some kind of public assistance for people like me. This mess is too expensive to one girl to handle!! But I do what I gotta do to preserve my sexy!


One thought on “Being Sensitive Is Expensive!!

  1. Hi babygirl, buckethead, Bethee boo. That’ s all I need to say because you will come up with something else to make me cry. Not going to give you any ammo. I do miss you greatly and think MTSU is a great place for grad school. See you in a few. Luv U Much.

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