Why I Love My New Place

Soooo last week I moved to Virginia. I love this new place. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. I can once again prance around in all of my naked glory. I have one roommate instead of 3. Our bedrooms are on a separate level, and we have individual bathrooms. This means, even if she has company over, once I hit the stairs my clothes can hit the floor.
  2. No more men with keys to my house. This could be coupled with number 1, but it’s so serious that it deserves it’s own number. No more days of hearing my front door open and having to guess if it was the person who paid rent or the guy that stayed there scott free 5 days a week. No more finding the extra set of keys left in the front damn door for anyone to come by and walk in. And no more accidentally hearing other people’s sex! That shit there was the absolute worst!!!
  3. Nobody knows where I live. Well, a couple of people know, but not many. Plus, this residence is not the most convenient for DC residents, mostly, because they are all naive to just how close Virginia is to the city. This means I will not have too many people wanting to visit. I’m fine with that. I’m picky about my visitors
  4. New neighborhoods to explore. There’s the potential to meet new people. New restaurants. New chill spots. New everything. A change of scenery does the body good.
  5. I’m that much closer to the only family I have up here. My uncle lives in some suburb of VA that I’ve yet to visit, but just knowing that I’m closer to him makes me feel safer in case of an emergency.
  6. Everything is cheaper. Everything. And they don’t charge for bags and the grocery store.

This here place is great and I’m so happy I moved. Once I get my life together I’m going to host a dinner party or something. Just because I live in Virginia.


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