If You Think You’re Better Than Me, Go Be Better Than Me!!

I’ve developed a gigantic pet peeve since I moved to the DMV. I can’t stand cocky Africans. I want to escort them all to the top of the HU clock tower and push them off one by one. I’m not racist. I’m not prejudice. I promise. Let me explain.

When I entered Howard University, I met my very first African. She was a Nigerian princess who grew up in south Florida. She was a complete sweetheart and I loved her. Then I started meeting more and more people from various African countries and discovered a trend. The majority of them behaved as if they were better than me and ever other American they came in contact with. Why? Because back in their country they are children of kings, princes and any other royalty you can imagine. Their families own and live off of humongous amounts of land. They have servants waiting on them hand and foot. I have no issue with their inherited wealth and fortune. My issue is that they behave as if I am beneath them.

I happen to work with a man just like this. He spends more time talking about how he can’t wait to go back to his country than he does doing his job. He looks at his coworkers and even his bosses as if he is better than us all. My question is, if he is so much better, why is he here working beside my regular ass? He has all kinds of land money and servants, but he’s not in his country using any of it. Seems to me that we are on the same playing field.

Last time I checked, we were both in the US of A. In this country, none of these people are kings, queens or anything close. They are students, employees, and neighbors. I don’t owe them anything, yet they behave as if I should be honored to be in their presence. I’m not, nor will I ever be. Your titles and money don’t mean shit to me. If you believe that you are drastically superior to me and all other Americans, how about you go back to Africa and be superior. Because here, that superiority shit is not going to get you anywhere.

I’m pretty sure this all seems pretty racist, country-ist, classist or whatever else you want to call it. Oh well, this is my blog. I say what I want.


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