Habitual is good. Predictable is not.

I am a creature of habit, and I’m ok with that. If someone I’m dealing does the same thing and gets me used to it, I freak out just a little when the routine is interrupted. I let people know from the jump not to do anything that they don’t wan’t me to get too comfortable with, because I’m going to come to expect things.

I’m learning that there is a difference between habitual/routine and predictable. I can’t stand predictable. I’m not talking about me knowing someone so well that I can predict their reaction to things. I’m talking about that bad annoying predictable. The predictable that comes way too early. Like, still in the “get to know you” stage early. I should not be able to predict your actions, reactions, or anything else too early.

I’ll give a couple of examples.

  1. I’m a self-proclaimed twitter addict. If I tweet something and say to myself, “I’m gonna get a text from so-and-so about this tweet”, and get the damn text 2.5 seconds later, you  are predictable.
  2. Eff that. If there is a time when my phone buzzes, and I tell myself who the buzz is from and what it’s about (other than a good morning), and I’m right 90% of the time…. Predictable
  3. If I find myself manipulating a situation in my favor when it comes to you… Predictable. I never do that unless I know that it will 100% work.

I hate predictability. It takes just that much more excitement out of my already pretty unexciting life. Not ok. One day in the future when I have a significant other that I’ve been with for a while, I’ll retract that statement. Why? Because when you’ve been with someone for a while it’s understandable for you to be able to predict their actions and reactions. I’m not anywhere close to that. Not even on the same continent. So for now, please don’t be predictable. I’ll be nothing more than annoyed.


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