Things I Think About On The Train

  1. I’m wary of grown people with band-aids on their face or neck area. I don’t really know why. I’ve always thought they either had some contagious disease, or just committed some sort of heinous crime. Either way I don’t want them anywhere near me.
  2. I’m the most unorganized organized person that I know. I’m not going to change any time soon. I think I work well under unorganized pressure.
  3. Recently, I’ve found myself praying for my family and friends so much more than myself. It’s not that I’m doing it on purpose, it’s just ended up working out that way. I don’t mind.
  4. Does anyone other than me think that it is possible for persons of the opposite sex to be platonic friends? I keep hearing people argue that no matter what, someone involved wants more.
  5. I need to start doing some sort of cardio. I’m afraid one day my metabolism is going to shut off out of the blue and I’ll start packing on the pounds. I’ve got to start preserving my sexy now, cause I sure don’t want to pay for it later.
  6. I have such a long list of “things I need to work on” I don’t think that I will ever be able to check them all off.
  7. Crying is for suckas. Unless I’m crying because I’ve seen a man cry, or because of a movie or something. But crying over real life shit…. I’ll pass. ***yes I know this seems backwards but remember, these are MY thoughts***
  8. If I could build my dream guy, I’d take pieces from every man n my life. **specifics at a later date**
  9. It seems like my social life has done a complete 180 in the past year. Things will never be the same. ***I have a theory for this one, but that’s a separate post for an even later date***

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