Birthday Shout-outs

I said I would come back today with #shoutouts from my birthday wishes. I wasn’t lying.

First #shoutout to a friend who I’ve mentioned before, but will forever remain anonymous. He sent me the sweetest, most heartfelt bbm EVER!! There were times that I questioned our friendship and why I cared so much. His bbm erased all doubt. He is a friend for life and I love him tremendously.

the next #shoutout goes to my Daddy and Gigi. My lovely Gigi called me with the Stevie Wonder version of happy birthday. Did yall know she was a recording artist? Yea, she can blow. My Daddy called while I was working, but we were able to talk. He informed me that I’m only allowed to drink strawberry lemonade this weekend, and if I need a little bite, tell the bartender to hold the sugar. I love them more than words can explain.

#shoutout to my sisters who decided to call me as soon as I got in the shower to wash my hair. On top of that, they were in the club and called from individual phones, meaning I had to scream “thank you” from the shower twice. Both of them called later in the day to make up for it. Special #shoutout to my niece Brielle Melaya for leaving me a baby-English birthday voicemail that I will never erase.

#shoutout to the friend that I never expected to still be around past Miami. Our bbm chats are always a hoot and his mommy shares my birthday!

Last but not least, #shoutout to my work family for surprising me with a cake, fruit and a bottle! I loooove each and every one of them!

although I did not get to party on my actual birthday, please believe that there is fun to be had this weekend!
PS: #shoutout to my Buddy! We are going to find some trouble tonight!


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