No Filter?

During a particularly feisty conversation via bbm, a friend of mine implied that I have no filter, and I agreed.  Now that I’ve had some time to think about it, I completely disagree, and believe that he was terribly wrong.

I will be the first to admit that I am pretty darn honest/blunt/straightforward, Sometimes more-so than people I am surrounded by. What yall don’t know is that what comes out of my mouth is not nearly as crazy as the original thought. I go through a mental process of buffering, eliminating and rewording before most of my sentences come out of my mouth. I know some of you that have had conversations with me are throwing the serious *Stuart Scott Side-Eye* right now. Don’t judge me.

For entertainment purposes only, I’ll give you guys a couple of examples:

Persistent Male: I been trying to chill with you for a minute. You always play me. Why don’t you take my seriously?

In My Head: Nigga I ain’t stupid. Have you ever suggested getting to know me better? Have you ever asked any questions? No? Nigga please. IYou want to f*&k. I know what chill means coming from you dumb ass.

What I Say: What are you really looking for? When you can tell me that, maybe I’ll take you seriously.

Guest At Work: I just checked in and this room is just too small. I can’t stay here. Do you have anything higher up with more space? This is unacceptable!! I’m very upset!!

In My Head: Heffa you’re staying for one night and paid $20 through Expedia! You ain’t getting shit. Go to sleep!

What I Say: I apologize. Unfortunately we wouldn’t have any of our larger rooms available because we are completely sold out this evening.

My Sister (either one): I’ve decided that I’m not going to talk to *insert triflin male that she knows I don’t like*

In My Head: Tell me that shit when you really plan on doing it cause I know you’re lying.

What I Say: Are you for real? Cause I know you’ve said it before…

You see how much nicer my responses were than what I was originally thinking? They are still completely honest, but have a softer edge to them. I’m not going to lie and say that I implement that process all the time, cause that’s nowhere near the truth. But I do think that filtering is better than lying.


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