Tweet For Thought

My homie who shall remain nameless (I didn’t get his permission to post this hehe) tweeted a while back that “the relationship between a single mother and her son is so complex if women truly understood it… You would understand all men”

I countered him asking how would one understand all men if all relationships are different.

This was his response:

“To understand a certain relationship doesn’t mean point out the problems, it means observe how the two interact. How they tolerate each other and in the end it’s still unconditional love. When there’s an argument between a single mom and her son, they argue like a couple but the way they make up is sooo dynamic cause they know it’s unquestionable love. Women need to see the compromise that goes on between both parties that makes it work or better yet what doesn’t make it work That’s what I meant. Treat the one you’re with as if they are a part of you. You get upset means you are only mad at a facet of yourself. So better yourself and find what the issue is as opposed to petty arguing. That’s what single moms learn early on.”

I really dig this explanation, but not as a justification for  his statement. It makes perfect sense, but not just for men raised by single mothers, for anyone raised by a good parent. I completely understand why he limited his theory. He is a man who was raised by a single mother. But as someone who had more than one parental figure growing up, I can attest to this unconditional love being shown to me, and it wasn’t from my mother. All good parents practice the unconditional love described above with their children.  I think that both men and women should recognize that compromise and learn to practice it in their relationships. It is more about understanding how to communicate and compromise than understanding men. I’m curious to see if others agree with him, especially single mothers.

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