It’s Been So Long That I’m Writing About It

A while back dating was brought up in a conversation I was having with either my sister or my Buddy. I can’t remember. What I do remember is that I could not remember that last real date I’d been on. Everything I was coming up with just didn’t seem to count. There was hookah, but that was more of a meeting to mend old wounds. Plus, we went dutch. Before that was the movies, but that was kind of like that last-ditch do we have something here still kind of thing. Nothing even remotely romantic about it. It was actually kind of awkward. I’ll stop there.

Moral of the story: I want to go on a freakin date! A real date. With someone who is interested in having conversation and sharing a new experience. I’m not asking to be swept off my feet here. Staying true to my over-imaginative self, I’ve started a list of ideal dates. Whenever I come across something interesting I add it to my list.  Here are a few:

King Street Trolley

I’ve never been to Old Towne Alexandria, but I hear it’s nice. There’s a free trolley that takes you from one end to the other and I want to ride it and window shop. This would be perfect for a cool sunny day. Not while its sweltering outside like it is now.


Cork is a restaurant and wine bar in Logan Circle. Recently I’ve decided that I want to learn about wine. This restaurant has a billion selections and a well-educated wait staff. Why not eat and learn at the same time?

Double Decker DC Tour

I know I’ve been here for what seems like forever now. I’ve never done the tourist thing. I want to sit on the upper level with all the people who don’t speak english and learn about the district. Plus I got the hook-up on two-day tickets.

Bike Riding

I am nowhere close to being a fan of strenuous physical activity. The fact that I want to ride a bike is amazing in and of itself. I want to go on a leisure ride somewhere near the water. Leisure meaning I’d ride slow. I ain’t trying to catch any cramps, although I know it would be inevitable with my out of shape ass. I need to get in a gym.

Picnic On The Mall

All these years and I’ve been out to the national mall with a blanket once. Never been on a picnic. I want to pack a basket full of sandwiches fruit and candy. I want to enjoy the sunshine and make out shapes in the clouds.

One day I will go to these places and do these things. Eff it, I may even take myself to all these places.

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